Our Sustainability Pledge


We believe we have an obligation to the environment to be as sustainable as we possibly can. That why everything we do at Lead the Disruption, has been thought through with the environment at the forefront of all our decisions.


The Book Itself


The book, where possible, will be purchased second hand. Not only does this save another tree from being cut down and all the environmental damage that goes along with this, but it takes one of the millions of used copies that are already in circulation and not being used.


Research found on custom made ( shows that to produce each book, 7.5 kilos of carbon dioxide are emitted. This is the same amount of CO2 that it takes to produce 15 plastic bottles!


Even if we cannot source a book second hand, and we have to buy new, we will still have a hugely positive impact on the environment. This is because the books are shared! You will have the book today, someone else will have the book tomorrow. If the same book is used 10 times, the CO2 saved is equivalent to 150 plastic bottles! If its used 20 times, then the equivalent saving of CO2 emissions is, well, we think you see where we are going with this.


Sharing is caring after all…


The Packaging


In the package we send you, you will receive:


The Books


We always recommend you order 2 or 3 books at a time. This means that you will have enough books to get you through a few days, but also cuts down on the number of shipments we will send you in the month.


We aim for all packages to be small enough to fit in to your letter box. This cuts down on inconvenient trips to the post office if you are not in at the time of the delivery, but also the to and fro-ing of the postman/women coming and going to deliver your package.


The Protective Paper


There will be a protective sheet of paper in the package we send you. This is to protect the book during transport. We could have used bubble wrap for this, but we decided against it and used protective paper instead. This is recyclable and re-usable – much better for the environment.


The Envelope


Again, we could have used plastic, but we don’t like single use plastic, so we opted for a paper envelope which you use again to return the book. Reusing is much preferred to recycling, so we try and do this will everything that we can.




This one is harder to get around, any feasible shipping method will create CO2 and a negative impact to the environment. We took to the best option we had available to us. We use Royal Mail. Our logic for this is simple. We use an existing infrastructure that is at scale. In other words, the incremental impact to the environment through using Royal Mail is minimal. This applies both to sending you the package and having the package returned.


When the books are sent back to our PO Box, they are delivered back to us weekly, instead of daily. This allows for ‘bulk’ shipments to be returned and not individual deliveries. We have tried to cover most things and complete them in the best possible way, and we are always looking for ways to do more.




We have done a lot to make our business sustainable and to be a positive company for the world we live in, but we wanted to do more. That’s when we thought of the planting trees initiative. Every time we ship books to a customer, we will plant a tree. If you order 10 shipments, you will personally be responsible for 10 new trees in the world.


Lead the Disruption wants to do exactly that. Lead the Disruption. Stand out and be a positive impact in the world. Business shouldn’t be about making someone lots of money, it should be a force for good. That’s what we are trying to achieve through providing you, the customer, with a platform to build your knowledge and skills, in a cost-effective way and in a way that helps the environment. It’s a win: win… Win.