How it Works

At Lead the Difference, we don't think you should buy a book and have it sat on the shelf forever. We want you to have it for as long as you want it, and then exchange it for another one. One fixed fee, unlimited learning.

You Read. You Learn. You Repeat.

We share with your community.

We don't recycle. We re-use.

Good for you, good for the world. 








How the Process works:

Step 1:

Purchase the Executive Plan Book Subscription.

One monthly fee

No Extra costs

No Late fees

No Shipping fees

Unlimited Learning 


Step 2:

Once you have purchased the Executive Plan Book Subscription, create an account with the same email address you purchased the subscription with.


Step 3:

Pick the book you want to learn from:

Select any book on our website


Step 4:

Using Royal Mail Tracker, we will send you the selected book.

In the package we send you, you will receive:

a. The Book

b. Protective wrapping

c. Return address Label

d. The envelope you receive the book in, (this is re-used).


Step 5:

You read, you learn, you enjoy.

Keep the book for as long as you like


Step 6:

When you are nearing the end of your current book..

Order another book!


Step 7:

When you are ready, return the book.

Stick the return label over your address

Put in the post box

Tell your friends about us!