Hey! So, what are you about?

We are here to help you make an impact. We want you to learn everything so you have the tools to question, challenge and find a better way to do things. No more following. Leading.


Why do you exist?

We want to make it easy for you to order new books, learn, apply and repeat. We wanted to create something that encouraged professionals to learn more, faster - which is why we created Lead the Disruption.

We also believe in Sharing Knowledge. There is nothing worse then people hiding information, so we want to create an open environment where everyone can learn anything. 


Does this offer value for money?

Yes. The more you read the more value you will get out of Lead the Disruption.


Why should I get it?

If you want to learn quickly, easily, in a cost effective and convenient way - this is for you. Learn, Inspire, Lead. 


Why are you different?

We support you. Your learning. Your development. You. Our commitment to you shows this. We don't want you to purchase a book and have it sat on a shelf for years after you read it, we want you to have the book, use the book and move onto the next one. We believe in usability and not have the need for ownership.


Is it really good for the environment?

Yes - one book shared between 10 people is better for the environment than 10 people buying the book. Less paper, less waste.


Will the book I receive be new?

Probably not. We continually update the books we have on offer, but the chances are you will receive a non-new book. Some may have lines highlighted, even notes on a page, but the books will be in good condition without pages missing. 


What are you selling?

We sell the book subscription which promises unlimited learning. We also sell socks and coming soon, a number of tools and accessories to help you in your path to executive-ship.


Why do you sell other things?

Never underestimate the power the standing out. It makes you think for yourself, shows you are not scared to go against the status quo. It sets you up to succeed. 

Oh, and they also make you fly*

*does not really make you fly.


How does the reusing books work?

Please see the 'How the Process Works" page.


What COVID-19 procedures do you have in place?

The information provided by the NHS is “it’s very unlikely it can be spread through things like packages or food”. We are working to fulfil all orders as usual.


When will I receive my books?

We will ship all in stock books on the day you order. It is then sent using "tracked 24" Royal Mail, so you should receive it the following day in most cases. Due to COVID-19 this may be delayed. 


Can I order more than one book at a time?

 Yes - you can have 3 books at anyone time. Once you have 3 books outstanding, we ask that you return those you have read before ordering any more. If you need more than this, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.


How much does it cost?

It costs £20 a month for subscription a month.


Can I become a sock ambassador?

Absolutely! Please contact us and we will be in touch. 


Can I rent each book instead of paying a subscription?

Not at this time. 


Is there a free trial for new users?

There is! Half price for your first month so you can get a taster of Lead the Disruption and see if it helps you.


Do you only have business books?

Yes - this is what Lead the Disruption is about. We provide books to encourage self development and learning.


How do I contact you?