The One Where: I Want to Keep my Book


In this story, I wanted to discuss the model of Lead the Disruption. Some of the feedback we have had, is that people want to keep a book once they have read it, so don’t like the idea of returning a book once they read it.


This is understandable, and something we thought of as a potential barrier ourselves, however, when we thought about it a bit more, we thought the benefits outweighed the negatives – and we thought if we outline some of these benefits then we might win some of these people over.




We were guilty of this one. Yes, in the pictures and videos they look lovely. With COVID forcing people to do interviews and zoom meetings from home, we have seen a lot of impressive bookcases, usually with all the books arranged in height order, colour coded and in pristine condition.


In reality, they get chucked on the bookcase in varying degrees of uprightness, bit of a lottery in height-ness and sit there, gathering dust and taking up space which convinces yourself that you need a bigger bookcase which then makes the room feel smaller – as you can probably tell, we have been there!


Using Lead the Disruption removes all these issues. Trust us, a nice, panelled backdrop works just as impressively on the latest zoom meeting. And in actual fact, removing this clutter has had a positive impact on us – our head feels more organised, it is much easier to work and think clearer in a less cluttered room.


Read it once


Even our most favourite books, we don’t read it again. It sits there, on the shelf, gathering dust. We don’t need to read it again – it has parted on the knowledge we have absorbed. However, if you did want to read it again…


You can get it again!


If you wanted to read it again, either keep it for longer if you haven’t already returned it, or you can order it again and receive it in a couple of days’ time.




Unquestionably, there is better value through using Lead the Disruption as a library service vs buying the book. At the last count, the average cost of a new book currently on our website, was £12, (when purchased from Amazon) so reading one book a month presents better value compared to buying the book – the more books you read, the more value you will get out of Lead the Disruption.


Makes you read more


We think everyone will agree, reading is a good thing. Especially business books that impart knowledge, insight and experiences unrivalled by almost anything else. Making this commitment to yourself, through purchasing our subscription, will make you read more. You have all business books and self-development books at your disposal.


We once read that Amazon Prime, (when it was only next day delivery) doesn’t actually cost Amazon anymore, but through making people pay a fee for it, it subconsciously makes them use Amazon more to make them feel like they are getting value from it.


Use Lead the Disruption in the same way. Maximise the value you get out of Lead the Disruption and read more. Read, Learn, Apply, Inspire, Lead.




Our sustainability section goes through this in much more detail, which you can find here. Sharing books is much friendlier for the environment compared to everybody buying a brand-new book.


Shared history


You never know who has read this book before you. We quite like the idea of sharing knowledge, building something together and whether the person before you, or the person after you, takes away the same knowledge and understanding as you. In addition to this, there may be inscriptions or highlighted words in the book that was important to the people before you. You never know what you are going to get.