News Briefing - 13.12

After Boris Johnson's government accelerated the booster vaccine over the Omicron variant, airlines call for more government support. They argue the additional testing required for fully vaccination customers is to excess.



UK ports are likely to suffer their worst year since 1983 due to Brexit and a reduction in the North Sea oil production reduced the goods handled at UK ports by 13.5% ( Volumes are not expected to recover to pre-pandemic levels until 2026.



Discussions continue between the TfL and the DfT. In June, the TfL and DfL announced they had agreed a financing support package to contribute towards TfL financial loss due to lower volume of passengers. Additional funding has been provided to support until 17th December where it is hoped a new deal can be agreed.



In the light of (supplier alert for those wanting to watch (and just like that) a main character dying on the programme after using their exercise bike, Peloton shares dropped 16%. Wow.