18.11 - News Briefing

The Euro is being devalued as traders bet the European Central Bank will maintain its policies despite high inflation and despite the UK and US expected to raise interest raises.



British Patent Capital, the venture capital arm of the state owned British Business Bank, has invested in a range of UK Start-Ups. The BPC has a budget of £2.5bn and is designed to provide funding for businesses at all stages in their journey in order to support growth against larger rivals from the US and China.



Visa's shares fell 5% on the news that Amazon are banning Visa cards issued inside the UK as a form of payment. This is due to an increase in the fees they charge. The banned comes into effect from next year.



Boris Johnson will today, unveil £96bn of rail investment but this still isn't good enough for what was promised. It is expected that there will be cuts to HS2 & HS3. In more transport new, Sadiq Khan has warned bus and tube services in the capital will also be cut if the government continue to 'starve' TfL of funding.