16.11 - News Briefing

Due to persistent problems with audit quality, the Financial Reporting Council is today launching a "What makes a good Audit" guide. The Chief Exec for the FRC says this guide is necessary due to repeated quality issues. The fact this is necessary raises bigger concerns for me.



Investors are living in 'dreamland' according to Bill Gross, the founder of Pimco - the biggest and most influential fixed income powerhouse in the world. This is because governments have been supporting interest which aren't were they should be, (without intervention), the answer? Tighten monetary policy to reduce inflation and reduce risk of causing market damage



Royal Butch Shell PLC is shifting its tax base to the UK and will simplify its tax structures. In a move that was welcomed in the UK, the Dutch government said it was an 'unwelcome surprise'.



In a report that is due to be published on Thursday, it is expected that Boris Johnson will scrap most of the eastern leg of HS2 railway despite publicly backing the scheme as recently as last month. HS2 has enjoyed cross party support for over a decade. MP's on both sides in the Midlands and Northern England are, naturally, against the move.



NHS chiefs are concerned NHS staff could leave and work for retailers such as a Amazon. The historic 'busy' winter season would compound staff shortages and retention bonuses are being called for by the NHS chiefs and Social Services.



Rent is increasing. Driven by people returning to work, there has been extra demand on rental properties which is increasing the cost. Zoopa found that outside of London, rent prices were up 6% with the South West increasing the most at 9%.