09.11 - News Briefing

What's going on with inflation? The UK and US suggest an interest rates are likely to rise soon, (although it was expected in the UK last week!) but this is a distant prospect for the Eurozone. The Eurozone believe inflation will fall next year once factors pushing up price today, (think supply chain bottlenecks) are resolved.



Rolls-Royce & the British government are leading an industry consortium to develop a fleet on mini-reactors to help the government meet its net zero carbon targets. Known as Small Modular Reactors, (SMRs), the Technology is viewed to strengthen Britain's energy security. It is expected to create around 40,000 jobs in the UK by 2050.



Instead of a attending the House of Commons debate on MP standards of behaviour, to which Keith Starmer accused Boris Johnson of giving 'a green light to corruption', Johnson instead attended a hospital, which of course was a  'longstanding' diary commitment. Johnson has a history of missing tricky commons votes - he missed the proposed third runway at LHR, (to which he promised to oppose) in 2018.



London ranks first for employee discrimination with 30% of employees facing discrimination with NI and the Midlands second and third with 29% and 28% respectively.



A global deal to stop new car emissions by 2040 is struggling to attract support from carmakers and governments. The deal, which was due to be announced at COP26, is struggling to achieve traction because key countries such as US, China and Germany have not signed. Carmakers need countries to invest heavily in the infrastructure and without this, electric cars will struggle.